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There is a great deal of opportunity in real estate investing but it is important that you plan ahead so that it can be a positive and profitable experience. There are many different ways to invest and you need to define your plan so that you can be successful.

What Kind of Investor Do You Want to Be?

There are different ways of investing in real estate, all of which can lead to the same goal of making money. However, you need to decide how you will go about investing. Do you want to be an active investor and have your investment become a part of your life through managing tenants and your properties, or would you prefer to be a passive investor where you are free to remain in your current job? Your answer will help to point you in the direction of the opportunities that are best for the type of investing that you want to do.

How Much Liquidity Will You Need?

You need to go into real estate investing with a solid idea of how long you can afford to have your money tied up in the investment. Are you borrowing money that needs to be paid back in a particular period of time? Are you using emergency savings that you will need to access if a crisis occurs? You need to know how important liquidity is so that you can find an investment that is likely to work for your situation.

Where Do Your Investing Interests Lie?

Different people enjoy different aspects of real estate investing. Some people look at a run-down property and have a vision for how they can fix it up and sell it while others see it as a means to the end goal of growing their wealth. You should determine what you want to get out of the experience and then research how you can succeed.

What Tax Benefits Will You Receive?

Tax benefits are important because they can help to reduce your income taxes. Research and learn what tax benefits are available to your type of investment.